A drawing of me!

Hi! I'm Conner.

Data scientist, designer, and developer. CS and Applied Math at UC Berkeley. Currently working on a modified attention mechanism for BERT models to improve temporal adaptation in context-sensitive language tasks.

Seeking full time research engineer or data analyst roles.
Here is my resume.

Let's get in touch.

What I've been up to:

Bilingual Sentiment Analysis of Tweets from the Philippine Presidential Elections

I mapped out tweets from the elections to figure out how we divided as a nation, and where we met in the middle. Along the way, I worked with scrapers, virtual machines, and a few novel methods for working with bilingual data.

Teaching Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems

I teach an upper division algorithms course at UC Berkeley. Here's some of my stuff.

Making Machine Learning Models More Trustworthy

I worked with the UC Berkeley Global Policy Lab to make machine learning models friendlier to policy makers and officials.

The Post-Pandemic Work Experience

We've all heard stories about how people's work lives have changed during the pandemic, for better or worse. We worked with Modem to harness these lessons as we redesign the post-pandemic work experience.

I Taught My Computer How To Play Pusoy Dos

Apparently also known as big two, 大老二, and maybe president. Built with PyTorch, some multiprocessing, and a search algorithm inspired by humpback whales.

What I've been into:

I'm a fan of books, movies, and video games. Let me share one recommendation of each.

Otherwise, when I'm free, I'm probably cooking (or at the very least looking through NYT Cooking) or thinking about ludonarrative dissonance.

Let's make something great together.

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